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We wanted a way to save time, water and energy without having to make sacrifices or behavior changes.  You see, we figured that many people were probably a lot like us in their morning routine – really busy running around to get out of the door on time. So to save a little time we typically turn on the shower and sneak away to do something else while waiting for the water to warm-up.

We brush our teeth, use the toilet, make our beds, we even hug our kids … When we get back to the shower it’s warm and ready … but how much hot water just accidentally ran down the drain?  Even a little adds up to be a lot.  Losing only 1 minute of hot water per shower can mean an additional $75 in utility bills and 2,7000 gallons of water wasted per year – and that’s for a family of three.

ShowerStart technology changes that equation because it watches the shower’s temperature and “triggers a trickle” as soon as the shower is warm enough to jump in.  This prevents your hot water from inadvertently running down the drain before you can hop in the shower. Not only have you eliminated the water and energy waste, but the sound of the trickle tells you that your shower’s ready.  The hot water for your shower is now warm and waiting instead of warm and wasted.

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